Smile Designing

Always sad that your smile is feeling incomplete due to an imperfection? Well, no more.

Smile designing is a procedure that we. For you, positive changes your appearance We approach vicious teeth, fill in gaps, reduce protrusion, bleach, transform a gingival smile, extend a narrow change the shape of the teeth and replace a missing tooth. This treatment is not surgery; It is within a few weeks finished teeth treated by this method are easy to maintain and clean. We in Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic create the perfect smile for you and offer best Smile designing in Pune.

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Smile designing in Pune

A smile designing is when the appearance of the teeth and gums are cosmetically improved. This makes your teeth and work better. A smile makeover can improve the smile of everyone. Apart from a full makeover smile, there is also something called mini-cure of youth. A mini makeover is usually whitening and remodeling teeth and placing the smile of veneers everyone can increase and give them confidence and a smile to be proud.

Dr Amol Phrarande is the Best dentist in Pune and Braces treatment specialist and offers best Smile designing in Pune.

Smile designing in Pune


Dentistry is no longer just a case of filling and extraction of teeth, as it has been for many years. Today, many people are turning to cosmetic dentistry or ” aesthetic dentistry” to improve their appearance, just as they would use cosmetic surgery or even a new hairstyle.Dr Amol Pharande is the Best Cosmetic dentist in aundh.

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Best Cosmetic dentist in Aundh

Today, cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, lightening it and shaping it to closing the spaces and replacing the teeth. Dr. Pharandes Orthodontics and Dental Clinic has a wide range of tools and techniques available to improve the look of your smile. Treatments can be used to straighten teeth, whiten, remodel and repair. Cosmetic treatments include veneers, crowns, bridges, teeth color fillings, teeth whitening, dental jewelry.

We assure you that we will do our best to get the best results for you, and at the same time, we want you to have a pleasant and comfortable experience during the treatment. For us, it is a privilege to serve our patients and to be entrusted with their dental care and orthodontics. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with first class dental and orthodontic services.

Dr Amol Pharande is the Best Cosmetic dentist in aundh and also offer Smile designing in pune, Dental Implant Center in Pune.

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Orthodontic treatment for your teeth?

Many patients ask why Dr. Amol Pharande and our team at Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic work tirelessly to give our patients only teeth. Of course it is nice to have a smile full of teeth aligned evenly, but did you know that straightening teeth can keep them healthier? The straight teeth lead to better oral hygiene and increase your chances of keeping your own natural teeth for a lifetime! Dr Amol Pharande is the Best Orthodontist in Pune Aundh.

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Best Orthodontist in Pune Aundh

Straight teeth are less helpless to decay since they gather less plaque, the sticky boring substance that structures on the teeth. If you visit Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic for your first consultation, Dr. Amol Pharande will examine all aspects of your teeth, face, smile and jaw.

If you are wondering if your teeth can cause problems because they are out of alignment, call us at 9561035555 . Dr. Amol Pharande can help you decide if you are receiving orthodontic treatment.

Questions? Call us at 9561035555 or visit our website. Dr Amol Pharande is the Best Orthodontist in Pune Aundh.

Best Orthodontist in Pune Aundh

Painless Root Canal Treatment in Aundh Pune

Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic provides Painless root canal treatment in Aundh Pune ,

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Painless root canal treatment in Aundh Pune

We use the latest technologies with an emphasis on minimally invasive and painless dentistry that keeps your teeth and optimizes your comfort.
1. digital X-rays for immediate confirmation and accurate diagnosis
2. Apex locators for advanced precise length measurements E and Q Gutta Purcha wireless master for homogenous 3D shutter packs that lead to better channel sealing and longer life
3. Rotary endodontic technologies that a single (channel) endodontic session for multiple validation (or decayed teeth broken)
• We know that advanced technology minimizes complications and therefore the need for repeated treatments of the root canal.
• We offer endodontic revision (repeat if necessary) with a very high success rate for patients who have been treated elsewhere.

Dr Amol Pharande is the Best dentist in Pune and offers Painless root canal treatment in Aundh Pune.

Orthodontics and Body Health

In recent years, many connections between orthodontic treatments and body health have been produced. According to the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research, researchers have observed that people with gum disease are more likely to develop heart disease or have difficulty controlling blood sugar than those without gum disease. While researchers continue to find associations between oral health and overall body health, it has not yet been determined whether gum disease is the sole cause of these health problems. What can be determined is that good oral health is not only to maintain a healthy smile; It has an impact on the health of your body.

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Best Orthodontist in Pune Aundh

The associations between gum disease and the overall health of the body
The links between the health of the mouth and the health of your body are too numerous to be ignored. Is it a coincidence that gum disease and other health problems together? The researchers do not think that despite the lack of definitive proof.

Here are four possible connections between the health of the mouth and the health of your body.

  • Excessive oral infections have been associated with greater incidence of clogged arteries.

  • The American Society of Microbiology has shown that certain types of oral bacteria infect cells and arteries can weaken the heart wall.

  • Teeth whitening is often a warning sign of osteoporosis, a disease that affects the bone is less dense.

  • Some studies suggest that women with gum disease are more likely than those without providing pre-term gum disease, low-weight babies.

Orthodontic Disease and Gum Disease
So, what makes orthodontic treatment with Dr. Pharandes Orthodontics and dental clinic treating gum disease? The hooks do much more than to give you a nice smile. Straight teeth are simply easier to clean than twisted teeth. Its toothbrush is able to eliminate more plaque-causing bacteria, and their floss is more effective in removing tiny particles between teeth.

Despite the lack of data in these results, the message is clear: If you improve your oral health, you also have a greater chance of getting your body’s health. And this is a chance Dr. Amol Pharande and our team believe Dr. Pharandes Orthodontic Dental Clinic, which it is worth. Dr. Amol Pharande is the best orthodontist in Pune Aundh. For more information on this subject, please call us at 95610-35555 or ask Dr. Amol Pharande on your next visit!

Why is Tooth Pain ?

Tooth pain can range from mild and fleeting and constant fugace, but the mechanism behind what you feel is often the same: the nerves in the dough chamber in the center of the affected tooth or the teeth react to stimuli and send a warning To that something does not go in the form of an unpleasant sensation. Here are the top 10 reasons why you might cause your teeth discomfort :

Painless root canal treatment in Aundh Pune

1. Dental Caries (cavity) – Some oral bacteria feed on food particles trapped in the mouth and produce acid that can eat over time through the protective enamel in the sensitive dentin below.

2. Enamel Erosion – Acids in your food acid and stomach acid reflux (GERD) and vomiting can wear enamel teeth.

3. The Gum Recession – Gums can retreat over time and expose sensitive roots. Brushing too hard and / or having a toothbrush too hard can contribute to the gum recession.

4. Current Dental WorkDental care can ignite dental pulp tissue and cause a temporary sensitivity must be lowered, while healing of pulp.

5. Isolated Filling, Old or Lost – Fillings seal the areas of last degradation. If they do not match properly or displaced, can infiltrate the air, food particles and bacteria and irritate the exposed nerve endings.

6. Chip, Crack or Fracture – The teeth may over time due to pressure by a biting and chewing, and the grinding teeth (bruxism) and pressing jaws are caused to be weakened. What begins as fine lines in enamel, can turn into chips, cracks and fractures expose the nerve endings.

7. Periodontal Disease – This is an infection of the tissues, causing the teeth caused by an accumulation of bacterial biofilm (plaque) along the gum line, triggering inflammation. In severe cases, the infection can move to the end of a tooth root or by adding channels and getting entry into the dental pulp.

8. Abscess – An abscess is a bag filled with pus, which is caused by an infection. It can occur at the base of the root of the tooth or in the space between the tooth and the gum.

9. Grinding of the Teeth (bruxism) / Clenching of The Jaw – When called parafonctions, these behaviors exert extreme stress on the teeth and wear them, which leads to increased sensitivity of the teeth and jaw pain.

10. A Reference to Pain – Sometimes the pain and discomfort caused in another tooth or outside the dental area can – radiate around the mouth and give the impression of pain for a particular tooth – sinus congestion or Infection, for example.

As you can see, pain is a warning against all possible threats to your oral health. Your dentist can help you identify the cause and appropriate treatment to help you feel better and protect your smile.

Dr Amol Pharande is the best Best dentist in Pune . Dr Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic offers Painless root canal treatment in Aundh Pune.

How To Avoid Common Problems Associated With Braces

Although braces play an important role in creating a healthy mouth and teeth, you can experience some side effects while wearing them, which are common and can be easily treated.

Even with the best care, braces can cause pain in the mouth. How to move your teeth begin, it is natural for your teeth to feel pain and your jaw to develop pain.

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Braces treatment specialist

If there are broken wires or loose straps on your shoulder straps, tongue, mouth or canker is badly produced. Canker sores are common when the abrasions rub in your mouth. There are ointments to reduce the pain and irritation of connected mouth sores. We ask those who are experiencing a mouth pain or any of the following problems to call our office to make an appointment.

  • Loose brackets : Apply a small amount of orthodontic wax to the temporary support. You can also a little between braces and soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Loose bands: These must be attested by your orthodontist. Try to save the tape for repair.
  • Protruding or broken wires: The eraser of a pencil can be used to move the wire carefully to a less painful place. If you are unable to move it, contact the orthodontic wax upwards. When a mouth develops poorly, rinse with warm salt water or antiseptic rinse.
  • Loose Spacers: These must be repositioned and sometimes replaced.

Foods to Avoid

Some foods can also help or hurt you when wearing braces. Remember to cut your food into small pieces that can be easily chewed. You want to avoid tough, hard-to-chew foods that can break your material. Foods like corn on the cob, nuts, carrots, apples, ice cream and chewing gum should be avoided.

Braces , rubber bands, springs and other oral appliances that are connected to the supports usually attract food particles and plaque. Without proper care, this may cause discoloration of the teeth.

Our staff at Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic recommends brushing your teeth after each meal or snack and carefully removing any food that could be housed in straps. A fluoride mouthwash may be helpful, as well as flossing. At your next appointment,  Amol Pharande can tell you how to use floss witDr.h a specially designed for braces !

Dr. Amol Pharande is the best Braces treatment specialist in Pune and offers best Smile designing in Pune.