How to Take Care of Dental Implants?


Oral hygiene is essential to the longevity of dental implants. Special attention should be given to oral hygiene after surgery. Dr Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic is the best Dental Implant Center in Pune.

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Follow these tips to keep your dental implants for long:

Regular brushing
Patients should brush their teeth at least twice a day. This will ensure that the growth of bacteria is prevented and your teeth stay ahead of tooth decay and other oral diseases .
over 1000 bacteria and viruses found in the mouth. Electric brushes have been shown to clean more thoroughly at once and take less time. This is one of the most profound changes I’ve seen in implants.

Every day flossing
Flossing should be a part of your daily oral hygiene. Dental floss removes food debris between teeth and implants. This prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and analyzed the development of tooth decay and gum disease. A water pik water can be a suitable replacement flosser if your hygienist recommends it.

Regular dental appointments
It is important that the implants are reviewed regularly. Regular dental exams to ensure that your dentist knows how your implants are developing and gives you coaching on how to avoid more serious problems. It also helps to solve problems and treat them early.

Professional cleaning
Teeth regular cleaning by a professional is also important for teeth and gum health. Make sure your teeth are professionally cleaned four times a year the first year after placement of the implant. I recommend quarterly cleaning intervals first to help you establish habits that keep the soft tissue healthy. After that, your hygienists should be your best resource to know how often you need to clean your teeth. This varies considerably between patients and also ensures complete cleaning of the teeth and gums and prevents the development of gum disease.

Dr Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic is the best Dental Implant Center in Pune and Smile designing in pune.

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Smile designing in pune.


Is It Time To Renew Your Smile?

Rebirth and renewal is in the air, as we go further into the spring. Maybe it’s time to remember and renew your smile? The Experience of Pune Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Pharandes Orthodontics and dental clinic can help. Call us today at +91 9561035555 on planning a smile, advise advice and we will help them achieve a strong and attractive smile, which serves to refresh your entire appearance. Dr. Pharandes Orthodontics and dental clinic offers best Smile designing in Pune.

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Smile designing in Pune

Which is carried out by Dr. Amol Pharande Every smile is different, but the process of personalizing this transformation is always the same. We begin with a careful evaluation of the health of your teeth and gums, going to evaluation tools such as digital photos and imaging that will allow us to create a 3D model of your smile and surrounding bones and muscles . This allows us to fully customize restorations that look and feel natural, while creating a brilliantly attractive smile – ideal for the characteristics of your unique face.

Depending on your needs, your designing smile:

  • Porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of teeth, broken, cracked, twisted, curled or very colorful

  • Porcelain crowns to protect weakened by decay or teeth trauma

  • Dental implants to replace the roots of missing teeth. Porcelain crowns are the most common restorations for implants, dentures and bridges are options
    Bleaching of teeth to remove surface discoloration and discoloration due to age
    Restoration services such as color fillings of teeth and inlays or onlays can be used in preparing your smile.

Additional cosmetic dentistry treatments, including rubber contouring and removal of the black line can also be included. The best way to learn which method will be useful in the perfection of your smile is, through a single call to our office. Contact us online or call +91 9561035555 to organize your consultation and to find out more. Dr. Amol Pharande offers a full range of dental, prevention and cosmetic services for men and women who live in the city of Pune and all surrounding areas.

Dr Amol Pharande is the Braces treatment specialist and offers Smile designing in Pune.

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Braces treatment specialist


Smile designing in Pune




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Smile designing in Pune

Dr Amol Phrarande is the Best dentist in Pune and Braces treatment specialist and offers best Smile designing in Pune.


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Smile Designing

Always sad that your smile is feeling incomplete due to an imperfection? Well, no more.

Smile designing is a procedure that we. For you, positive changes your appearance We approach vicious teeth, fill in gaps, reduce protrusion, bleach, transform a gingival smile, extend a narrow change the shape of the teeth and replace a missing tooth. This treatment is not surgery; It is within a few weeks finished teeth treated by this method are easy to maintain and clean. We in Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic create the perfect smile for you and offer best Smile designing in Pune.

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Smile designing in Pune

A smile designing is when the appearance of the teeth and gums are cosmetically improved. This makes your teeth and work better. A smile makeover can improve the smile of everyone. Apart from a full makeover smile, there is also something called mini-cure of youth. A mini makeover is usually whitening and remodeling teeth and placing the smile of veneers everyone can increase and give them confidence and a smile to be proud.

Dr Amol Phrarande is the Best dentist in Pune and Braces treatment specialist and offers best Smile designing in Pune.

Smile designing in Pune

How To Avoid Common Problems Associated With Braces

Although braces play an important role in creating a healthy mouth and teeth, you can experience some side effects while wearing them, which are common and can be easily treated.

Even with the best care, braces can cause pain in the mouth. How to move your teeth begin, it is natural for your teeth to feel pain and your jaw to develop pain.

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Braces treatment specialist

If there are broken wires or loose straps on your shoulder straps, tongue, mouth or canker is badly produced. Canker sores are common when the abrasions rub in your mouth. There are ointments to reduce the pain and irritation of connected mouth sores. We ask those who are experiencing a mouth pain or any of the following problems to call our office to make an appointment.

  • Loose brackets : Apply a small amount of orthodontic wax to the temporary support. You can also a little between braces and soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Loose bands: These must be attested by your orthodontist. Try to save the tape for repair.
  • Protruding or broken wires: The eraser of a pencil can be used to move the wire carefully to a less painful place. If you are unable to move it, contact the orthodontic wax upwards. When a mouth develops poorly, rinse with warm salt water or antiseptic rinse.
  • Loose Spacers: These must be repositioned and sometimes replaced.

Foods to Avoid

Some foods can also help or hurt you when wearing braces. Remember to cut your food into small pieces that can be easily chewed. You want to avoid tough, hard-to-chew foods that can break your material. Foods like corn on the cob, nuts, carrots, apples, ice cream and chewing gum should be avoided.

Braces , rubber bands, springs and other oral appliances that are connected to the supports usually attract food particles and plaque. Without proper care, this may cause discoloration of the teeth.

Our staff at Dr. Pharande’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic recommends brushing your teeth after each meal or snack and carefully removing any food that could be housed in straps. A fluoride mouthwash may be helpful, as well as flossing. At your next appointment,  Amol Pharande can tell you how to use floss witDr.h a specially designed for braces !

Dr. Amol Pharande is the best Braces treatment specialist in Pune and offers best Smile designing in Pune.

It’s Never Too Late For A Beautiful Smile

For many people, braces may seem like an experience just for kids. After all the braces have become a rite of passage for the young, so that the corridors of the school abundant with a lot of metallic smile.

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Smile designing in Pune

Despite what you may have heard, we can make healthy teeth of orthodontic treatment at any age. Whether you want to do better with a nice new smile, you are ready to finally correct the crooked teeth that you have harassed for years, or you are looking to improve your oral and dental health, there have never been better time visits To your orthodontist. And with advances in technology, adult orthodontic treatment is now easier and more subtler than ever.

Gone are the days of metal in pieces; Modern braces are thinner, lighter and more attractive. In addition, orthodontic treatment alternatives like Invisalign offer a completely metal-free way to achieve a new smile.

New smile, new you

The orthodontic treatment comes with a variety of benefits. A new smile enhances your bite function makes it easier to clean your teeth and can even ensure the health of your heart. But getting braces not only improve the health of your smile: It is to improve the quality of your life. Our patients report happiness, confidence and self-esteem, which radiates into their personal and professional lives. There is really no better feeling than the smile you are proud of!

Dr.Amol Pharande is the Best Smile designing treatment specialist and offers best Smile designing in Pune.